Required documentation for corporate

Fill in the Lease application form, signed and stamped by authorized person. (unified number should be shared)
Last 3 years Audited Financials, in house financials for the current year (for financing above 500K). *latest and updated financials have to be uploaded in Qawaem for companies before financing.
Bank statement for latest 6 months.
Copy of Main CR, and all branch CR’s , (Unified Number must be mentioned In the CR)
A copy of the national identity card of the owner / for all partners who own a share of the company’s ownership, signed and stamped by the owner of the card.
*Fill in KYC form for owners who owns 25% or more shares before executing the contract to verify their back ground.
Article of Association of the company (Articles of Association, Shareholder of the company, Company Ownership structure.
Company Profile (Details on business activity, Senior Management profile, ongoing projects).
A detailed quote explaining (the price of the asset, VAT, and the registration fee) of the required assets.
clarifying the purpose of the financing and understanding the relationship with entity’s business activity.
Copy of GOSI & Nitaqat Certificate (under the CR requesting the finance).
VAT Registration Certificate.
Copy of Chamber of Commerce Certificate. (under the CR requesting the finance).
Copy of Zakat Certificate.
Copy of SAGIA License – for foreign companies.
National Address, the address should be checked if it matches the one registered in the same location shared.
Copy of any Licenses mentioned in CR allow company to conduct business activities.
For establishment with request below 500K, a letter confirming annual revenue signed and stamped by authorized person and annual VAT return statement.

* Note/ We may request further supporting documents to complete your application